Veiled Alliance

The primary practitioners of preserver magic, the Veiled Alliance is the rebel faction that challenges the rule of the sorcerer-kings and despise their rival magic philosophy, defiling.

While every Athasian magic user, even preservers, have the capability to defile, preservers remain vigilant on how they draw on their magical power sources, staunchly avoiding lethal drains of life force when charging a spell. While this means a reduction in power of their spells, the ethic of preserving life is priceless in preserver 9and thus Veiled Alliance) philosophy.

Indeed, the end goal of the Veiled Alliance is not only to preserve what exists, but to return Athas back to the verdant Green Age. To the Veiled Alliance, the greed and recklessness of the sorcerer-kings brought about the current Desert Age, and the only way to undo their destruction is though preservation.

Tragically however, the battles between the Veiled Alliance and the sorcerer-kings’ templars go unappreciated. Instead, their efforts are criminalized and victimized, both by city-state officials and by the Athasian hoi polloi (with the flawed understanding of the two schools of magic, even normal citizens attack the Alliance).

While few in number and facing overwhelming odds, the Veiled Alliance attempts to do the impossible. Will you aid them, or hinder the only hope left for Athas?

Veiled Alliance

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