The undisputed and ruthless rulers of the Seven City-states, the sorcerer-kings seem to be as permanent fixture to Athas’ landscape just as much as its unyielding sun. Wielding powerful defiler and psionic power, the sorcerer-kings rule their city-states with an iron fist, abusing their citizens when they do their best to take shelter from the desert beyond the city walls.

It is uncertain how long the sorcerer-kings have been ruling, whether it be hundreds of years or thousands, but such details are unimportant to lower class Athasians. In their eyes, the same ‘kings have ruled during their grandfather’s days, and undoubtedly will continue to rule beyond the years of their grandchildren. Nothing will change this fact of life.

However, a major upset has recently occurred in the city-state of Tyr. While only rumored and whispered in the other city-states, there is no denying in Tyr that King Kalak has in fact been assassinated in his own arena. With this being the first proof for uncountable years that the dread rulers are not “immortal” as they self-proclaim, the remaining ‘kings now scramble to quash any rumors of Kalak’s fall.

Current Sorcerer-kings


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